It's like metagaming your game.

IO9 has a new article up about Passively Multiplayer Online Games, or PMOGs. What are these? Read on to find out.

What if everything you did online was part of a game? A company named Gamelayers is built on the idea of a PMOG, Passively Multiplayer Online Game. The idea is that everything you do while surfing earns experience points, and the play experience seamless overlays your online life. I was struck by this idea of the internet as a connected ludoverse, so I talked to Merci Victoria Grace, Chief Creative Officer/Lead Game Designer of Gamelayers. The other principal is ur-blogger Justin Hall who, full disclosure, once put me up in his converted garage for three months.

In Merci's words:

PMOG is an asynchronous, peripheral game that transforms the Firefox browser into an MMO head up display and invites the player to engage in warfare, socializing, and annotation on the world wide web through html.

Read more at IO9.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016