The Saga of a MMORTS

In the beginning there was only one type of massively multiplayer
online game, the MMORPG. However, as time has passed we've begun to see
other genres aside from the RPG attempt to break into the MMO gaming
sphere. The latest on this last has been SAGA, an MMORTS created by
Silverlode Interactive. To find out more about this recently released
game, Ten Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller interviewed Slava Zatuchny,
Marketing Director for Silverlode. Enjoy!

: As far as MMO launches go, we're top-tier. No
crashes in weeks. There are, of course, some bugs in-game, but we've
taken care of the bugs that we considered most important. The SAGA
development team is getting bigger and bigger, such that we'll be
adding a lot of content, features, and of course meticulous bug-fixing
for years to come. We feel that the SAGA we're releasing is (after
eight months of beta-testing) finally 'ready', but by no means

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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