Shay gets us the scoop on the "improved" E3.

There's a new blog post over at Shay's Treehouse up.

Ah, I remember the E3 of 2006. I was an E3 virgin, and although I’d heard that the event was a circus, I still wasn’t quite prepared for the spectacle. The Ten ton Hammer team spent a couple days in Los Angeles prior to the event preparing for our onslaught. We had a heavy schedule of interviews and go-sees, all managed with military precision by resident militarily precise guy, Phil Comeau. Our arrival at the Los Angeles Convention Center was met with protesting booth babes (E3 had taken away their God given right to be exploited as eye candy for a bunch of horn dog gamers, and they were cheesed off), and lots of noise and glitter. We flashed our ID badges and they handed us our Bawls as we came in the door.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016