MMORTS is getting a little spacier.

MMORTS Gamers has a new preview of the upcoming space MMORTS "Beyond Protocol."

To start off with the first thing you notice when you land on a planet are the graphics. If you’ve played any game claiming to be an MMORTS for any amount of time, forget anything you saw. Beyond Protocol looks almost good enough to be an RPG, we’re not quite talking EVE level, but in EVE you get to control maybe one cool looking ship at a time? In Beyond Protocol , the number of awesome units you can have is limited only by your ambition! Another thing to behold are the planet surfaces. We’re talking rich planetary textures, complex random planet configurations, city creep, sunrise, sunset, clouds in the sky, and even stars at night! If that’s not enough for you, I’ll just say, when you’re planet side, the system’s star reflects off of multiple layers of the water… I believe I’ve made my point. Now, if you’re an RPG’er, you’re probably scoffing at this point. I have two words for you. “SHUT UP!” I’d love to see WoW or EVE pull off a full view range, 3000 unit dog fight for three hours without lagging a server to death or frying a few video cards! If you’re still not impressed, 3000 units is MAYBE 3-4 players in one environment, with more players and countless environments, the possible numbers skyrocket.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016