Initiate Launch Protocol!

Prepare yourselves, real time strategists! Another MMORTS is on its way
to market, and this time it's been set in the distant future. The
developers at Dark Sky Entertainment have been hard at work putting
together their latest MMOG, Beyond Protocol, and they've finally pinned
down a release date for their title. Ten Ton Hammer has the official
word from the developers, but once you get done reading that piece of
information make sure you check out six brand new Beyond Protocol

Sky Entertainment has put forth a tentative release date for their new
massive strategy title, Beyond Protocol. Barring major set back,
September 9th is the date. Until then, some significant changes are
being made to ensure the best launch possible. The company realizes
that first impressions are very important and thus want to be sure that
when the market at large is exposed to the game that it is as polished
as possible for member retention. Between now and September the game
will be going from closed beta to open beta for stress testing and game
balance fine tuning. Whatever your interest, Beyond Protocol is a name
to be looking for in the coming months.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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