Spellbound by Spellborn

We spent some time with PR Manager Pierre "Mirage" Deslandes going over
the basics of The Chronicles of Spellborn, which promises to be one of
the most visually and mechanically unique MMORPGs we've seen since City
of Heroes first came on the scene in 2004. In the short version of our
video session with Spellborn, Pierre looks at character creation,
combat basics, and ends with a word on the upcoming open beta. Premium
members get an extended version with 12 more info-packed minutes as
Pierre goes into incredible detail on the body slots (which show as
tattoos or scars on the character), the combo system, loot, inventory,
crafting, and harvesting. Plus, Premium Members get a glimpse of the
high level zone Ringfell and Pierre's take on what Spellborn offers in
terms of endgame. Enjoy!

Spellborn Video Preview with PR Manager Pierre "Mirage" Deslandes:

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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