Stargate Worlds VP Speaks

No stranger to the gaming industry, Senior Vice President of Firesky
Operations, Joe Ybarra has a wealth of experience to share. Talking
with Ten Ton Hammer he reveals the long term marketing plan of Stargate
Worlds, how their beta program will work, and what it is like working
with such an amazingly popular theme. Don't miss not only his insight
but brief mentions of when Cheyenne Mountain will discuss their next

The beta process comes up and he agrees that methods
and expectations
have changed over the years moving from a pure testing environment to
almost a preview. "The first task is getting a customer base," he says,
"which is why you saw the announcement we made and started registration
for the beta. That's attracted a significant number of people but in
addition to that, the MGM folks ran a contest for us." The goal of the
contest and the announcements were to build a mailing list of customers
to select beta participants from. He explains they'll be working with
MGM, Fox, the SciFi channel, and other entities to continue to grow
that mailing list.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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