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Stargate Worlds Devs Dial In

Bunty, one of the community assistants over at Stargate Worlds, has
posted a thread for all your SGW questions:

Now that TTH has its own SGW forum, I thought that it
would be a really
good idea to come over here and answer any questions that you might

I hope to either bring some of the developers over here, or take some
of your questions to them (when the questions are so complicated that I
can't answer them!). Please feel free to ask any SGW related question
that you would like and I shall endeavour to answer it or get it

If you've got questions about Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's MMOG in
the making, be sure to check out this thread for an opportunity to
commune with the devs!

  • href="">Our
    new Stargate Worlds forum
  • href="">Stargate
    Worlds - Ask the Devs

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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