Stargate Worlds continues to roll out the info.

Cheyenne Entertainment, the developers of Stargate Worlds are offering a nice sneak peek inside the latest patch notes for the closed beta. From the forums, we get a feel for what they have implemented, but as important or more importantly, we see they are making some significant progress:


* Players can now play as members of the SGU faction! Both Commandos and Soldiers, both male and female are playable within the SGU faction at this time

* Commando and Soldier abilities for both factions have been filled out. Abilities for these two classes are almost complete

* Consumable Vendors on Harset (Praxis) and Omega Site City (SGU) now sell dyes and tints which will allow players to color their armor

o Dyes and tints can be traded to other players

o At this time, only ballistic armor can be dyed

And gameplay is definitely moving right along:

Game play:

* Missions for character levels 1 to 33 are now implemented

* The loot all button in the loot UI window is functioning

* Players are now able to trade items with other players

o To trade items, target the player and press shift+t to open the trade window

* Crafting and reverse engineering is implemented and functioning. Have fun!

* Players can now join squads

o To join a squad, right click the target player’s portrait

o Experience will be shared with squad members whenever a mission is completed

o Only Free For All (FFA) loot is available for squads

* All weapons are now in-game for the Commando and Solider archetype

o This includes Zats and Jaffa staffs

* Unique item graphical icons have been added for armor and weapons that are currently in-game

* Armor and weapons for players level 1 to 35 are now in-game

While it looks like they are showing us the menu before the restaurant opens, it is nice to see what's coming. Our plates are filling up with all kinds of MMO goodness though, where will we find the time to play them all?! To read the rest of the notes, stop by the Stargate Worlds community page.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016