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September 4, 2007 - Stargate SG-1 buffs will recognize Tollana as the planet settled by the highly advanced, humanoid Tollans. A civilization once loosely allied to Earth, the Tollans lost their only technological advantage over the expansive, warlike Goa'uld and the ruling council, unbeknownst to the Tollan populace, negotiated with the Goa'uld to betray Earth; plotting with the Goa'uld to attack Earth in a manner that would prevent Earth's protectors, the Asgard, from intervening.

SG-1 discovered the plot and worked with a Tollan named Narim to stop building the phase-shifting weaponry that would subvert Earth's defenses and to destroy the weapons already constructed. Finding themselves double-crossed, the Goa'uld levelled Tollana and (apparently) wiped out the Tollan populace. But Stargate Worlds may tell a different story about the aftermath of the attack. Here's some screenshots and concept art to tease your imagination!

EXCLUSIVE - Tollana Damaged Skywalk
EXCLUSIVE - Tollana Damaged Skyline


And here's a few concept art pieces, including one of Tollana before the attack.

Tollana 1
The Castle
Ruined Building
Tollana Concepts
Ancient Buildings
Generator concept

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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