"It's bleak" says former Star Trek Online Executive Producer.

WarCry Network was lucky enough to sit down with a who's who of the MMO industry, and get their thoughts on the current state of the MMO market.

"[MMOs are in a] state of unrest, right now," said Matt Firor, General Manager of ZeniMax Online Studios, a sister company of Bethesda. "World of Warcraft is ruling the subscription game market, and no one wants to complete with them directly, so they go off for niche markets."
Over the last two years, a slew of MMOs have hit the shelves and failed utterly. Games like Tabula Rasa, Auto Assault, Vanguard and many more were all big budget, retail subscription MMOs with loads of marketing dollars behind them that have either fallen off the face of the Earth or settled into a small niche. Clearly, the most recent generation of MMOs hasn't been doing enough to fire the imagination of gamers.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016