Stieg Speaks! An Exclusive Gods & Heroes Interview with a Visionary of Diablo

Nicole Hamlett recently sat down with developer legend Stieg Hedlund (who's currently heading up Gods & Heroes) to discuss Perpetual Entertainment's cross-platform MMO set in classical times. Stieg puts the record straight on the question on everyone's lips: whether the late November layoffs of thirty artists forced the subsequent release date slip - but also addresses a number of more cheerful issues related to the game's development.

"We moved the launch date back to give ourselves as much time as necessary to playtest and polish Gods and Heroes to a AAA quality level. We are committed to shipping the highest quality game possible, and we think Gods and Heroes will be the next great online game. "

When Stieg speaks, we listen! |Click here| to see our latest Gods & Heroes interview.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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