Any game risks the wrath of rabid fanbois every day, but take an IP with a fanatical fanbase like Star Trek, and you've got the perfect tinder for flamefests around every virtual corner. The recent announcement that Klingons would be PvP-only set the boards alight in record time so Ten Ton Hammer Exectuive Editor, Benjamin J. de la Durantaye sat down with Lead Content Designer, Zeke Sparkes, to get some answers surrounding this controversial subject.

Ten Ton Hammer: So will other races be able to join the Klingon faction, or is it a Klingon-only club?

Zeke: The Klingons are actually allied with several other races and as always, we love our character creator so you'll be able to make your own aliens that can join the Klingons. You won't be locked into just playing a Klingon. They're allied with the Gorn, the Nausicans, and the Orions as well. So when you make a Klingon, you have multiple preset options for species that you can pick as well as the "build-your-own" option.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016