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games xtreme has taken a look at the Korean MMOG Sword of the New World:

When I receive an e-mail telling me that
I’ve been invited to
play a port of a Korean MMORPG I get filled with a sense of dread
(Codemasters I’m looking in your direction). Simply put
Korean style games don’t appeal to a wide western audience. I
got that familiar feeling when I received my invite to play Sword of
the New World.

In fact the feeling of dread was a double whammy. I have quite a good
of what games are coming out and I’d never heard of SOTNW (or
Granado Espada as it was known overseas) and it had already been
released. Fortunately for me (and hopefully many more of you after you
read this review) my feeling of dread was unnecessary as I was
initially in for a treat.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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