Companion Romance Advice with Khem Val

Self-proclaimed romance expert Khem Val is at it again, offering his advice to lovestruck gamers in this special Valentine's Day edition of Companion Romance Advice with Khem Val:

Dear Khem Val: I’m a lonely female bounty hunter plying her trade through the galaxy and I’ve run into a problem. On Tatooine, I fell in love with my bounty and was unable to terminate him. Gault (not his real name) conned me out of my heart with his sly schemes and adorable one-horned looks.

The problem is that he wishes to continue his cons throughout the galaxy and I’m afraid that he’ll be recognized. If that happens, my deception will be exposed and we may find ourselves on the wrong side of a bounty. What am I to do?

- Bounty Lover

Khem Val: Horns can be difficult to digest, so you will want to remove it before attempting to consume him.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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