I Gotta Be Me! (Unless
I'm Somebody Else)

The world of roleplaying is a frequently overlooked and unusual style
of play that has existed since the beginning of MMO games. Despite
being in a fast paced science fiction based game like Tabula Rasa, a
thriving community embraces and practices this art even holding public
events. We had the opportunity to chat with Ainilome who runs the
Tabula Rasa Roleplayers website and stands as a voice in the community.
Join us and learn more about roleplaying in Tabula Rasa.

If the influence of this community hasn't been made
obvious, take for
example the roleplaying events of the past few months supported
directly by the development team. While commonplace 5 years ago, actual
involvement by the people responsible for game design is almost unheard
of today. Ainilome speaks very fondly of the NCsoft group when asked
about the support they receive. "From the begining the community team
support for events has been phenomenal. FireLotus has been our go to
girl for far too many lore and storyline questions I'm sure, Miss
Morrison herself has stopped by and RPed on our forums and in our
shoutbox before. When it comes to events we have several weekly or
biweekly, like tavern nights."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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