Not a Blank Slate for Long

It seems like every event we attend, the NCSoft and Tabula Rasa crew
are on hand with another enthralling presentation.  Each time
we get another new bit of information that only serves to increase the
anticipation for this rich and engaging title.  With Producer
Starr Long up front and Lead Designer Paul Sage at the controls, Ten
Ton Hammer brings you another look at Tabula Rasa, with some new
details revealed!

Event travel for me is always a recurrent comedy of
problems and
predicaments. On the other hand, I have lead a charmed life when it
comes to which appointments I seem to draw at gaming events. Inevitably
I am talking with Starr Long and Paul Sage about their latest creation,
Tabula Rasa. Starr is the producer of this title. Paul is the Lead
Designer. They are a dynamic and charming duo that possess incredible
talents, yet often don't receive mention when it comes to the game. The
shadow of Richard "General British" Garriott casts far and deep. Even
the game itself is titled, "Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa", but Starr
and Paul don't seem to mind. Their personable demeanors are both
contagious and disarming.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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