Now, Where was that
"Oh %&#@!" Button Again?

The latest patch to Tabula Rasa's Test server promises to make some
sweeping changes to the Ranger class. Promising new utility to air
strikes, improved AI on summoned allies, and the ability to evade
attacks these skills should provide powerful skills to even Snipers and
Spies. Are these changes what we need to improve this class? RadarX
takes a look at the 1.7 Patch and how it affects the Ranger skill tree.

What will Tactical Evasion bring to the table? The
ramifications for
PvP are obvious. Allowing players to move about even for a few moments
untargetable would provide a significant advantage, especially to
Spies. Even in normal gameplay, the ability to have an "Oh
%&#@!" button that can readily save your hide? That right there
should be worth a few invested skill points.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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