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Sanctus Grotto houses some of the most challenging content in Tabula
Rasa bringing players up against  difficult enemies and even a
clever jumping puzzle. Attempting to stop Bane forces from recovering
an Eloh Artifact, this instance can take hours to complete and
represents the pinnacle of the end game. A lot of work went into
designing this unique area and World Builder Tom Potter was at the
forefront of it's creation. What was his experience like? He opens up
in this Dev Diary and recounts his time working on Sanctus Grotto.

Sanctus Grotto was an instance that was in
development for some time
before I started working at Destination Games. I joined the Tabula Rasa
team late in development, so my job was to take the initial vision to
completion. The conceptual foundation was already complete so you'd
think that there wouldn't be much left for me to do. But Sanctus Grotto
is a perfect example of how even "final" designs are often in a state
of flux, and how making a few small changes can quickly multiply into
something much larger.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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