The official site for href=""> style="font-style: italic;">The Chronicles of Spellborn
has been updated with a preview of The Consanguineous Vault: Vault of
Foes.  Besides offering the extra security of a vault within a
vault, this area is also notable for providing some solo instances
within the dungeon – something that many MMOGs are arguably
lacking.  Even the most socially inclined players eventually
hit a point when there's simply no available groups to be found, yet
they want to experience something a bit more challenging than the
typical safety-scissors-style overland solo content.  

The Chronicles of Spellborn offers group content, but
it also possible
for the players to experience instances on their own.

One of these challenges is waiting on the fragment of The Athenaeum
located in the tempestuous Deadspell Storm. Accessible at level 10
after players have successfully left the starting regions behind, one
of their tasks will be to go to the Athenaeum to experience the unique
solo instances available in the massive dungeon.

Read the rest of the details and check out some impressive href=",id160,consanguineous_vault_vault_foes.html">screenshots
of the Vault of Foes over at the href="">official Spellborn

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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