Quick, what do you get when you combine hardcore PvP mechanics, a
learning curve steeper than the U.S. national deficit, robot avatars
and strong RTS elements? Well, if Hungarian developer Avatar Creations
has anything to say about it, you get Perpetuum
. Will gamers clamoring for a MMOG with a robot or mech
focus want to take up arms in a ruthless, skill based world where only
the strong survive? Join Ten Ton Hammer’s own Jason “Medawky” Bolton as
he loads in to check out the beta version of this intriguing new game.
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cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
style="border: 1px inset ; text-shadow: none;"> style="text-shadow: none;">I dislike making comparisons
between games, especially when describing a new game, even though it is
often easier to use a familiar point of reference to set the scene of a
developing world. Despite my dislike for comparisons, I still need to
say that Perpetuum Online is highly reminiscent of EVE Online. Sure,
there are robots instead of spaceships and terra firma instead of the
vast cosmos of outer space but the overall feel is very much in the
vein of what may very well be EVE’s spiritual successor.


Mech combat? Yes please!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016