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the first month of 2009 winds to a close, it seems like an opportune
time to draw some special attention to all the hard work the members of
our href="" target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">World of Warcraft
community team have put in so far this year. It’s no easy
feat to pull together a complete set of guides for each class in the
game on a weekly basis, but that’s exactly what
they’ve done. I thoroughly suggest you do yourself a favor
check out this week’s round of exclusive WoW guides,
highlighting talent selection.

Below, you’ll find handy links to not only the guides, but
all the exclusive content from Ten Ton Hammer for the week ending
January 30th!

week’s hot content

Runes of Magic Beta Interview

- The free-to-play marketplace has really emerged out of its cocoon in
the last year. For those of you that have been reading Ten Ton
Hammer’s F2P Top Ten List, this becomes readily apparent as
the majority of the games on that list were released in late 2007,
2008, or are slated for the early part of 2009. One of the most
prominent of these games (and holding the #1 spot on our Top Ten list)
is href=""
target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">Runes of Magic.
We recently had an opportunity to submit a number of questions to the
RoM developers, and we graciously jumped at the chance.

Read the full interview href="" target="_blank">here,
and then discuss it in our href=""

Ton Hammer Announces All-Star Panel Lineup for NY Comicon 2009

- If you're planning to attend New York Comicon 2009 (February 6th -
8th at the Javitts Center in NYC) or were waiting for, we have an
all-star MMORPG lineup of presentations and panels for you! href=""
target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">DC Universe
Jim Lee, href=""
target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">Champions Online's
Bill Roper, 38 Studios' Steve
Danuser, href=""
target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">FusionFall's
Chris Waldron, and href="" target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">Warhammer Online's
Hickman and Paul Barnett are just a few of the devs that will be
on-hand to show you the latest on their games and answer your


For panel times and more information (how to purchase tickets, make
accommodations, and more), href="" target="_blank">click

Fantasy: The Forgotten Realms MMOG Dream

- For anyone that's passionate about a hobby or activity, speculating
about its future is just a natural part of being a fan. There has been
a lot of discussion this year about which intellectual properties would
have the makings of a top contender for the belt in today’s
online game market. In this week’s Forever Fantasy column,
Dalmarus steps up to argue why his choice is the granddaddy of them all.

Read the full editorial href="" target="_blank">here,
and then discuss it in our href=""


  • href="" target="_blank">Comic:
    Geeked - "Jimmy's Plea"
  • href="" target="_blank">Top
    Ten Free-to-Play Games - Car Shopping
  • href="" target="_blank">Holic
    Online Preview
  • href="" target="_blank">EverQuest:
    A Return to Norrath
  • href="" target="_blank">MMOs,
    the Final Frontier: How Will Atari Help EVE Online?
  • href="" target="_blank">The
    Tabula Rasa Autopsy: What Makes Games Die?
  • href="" target="_blank">Ten
    Ton Turnip Issue #6: The Final Root
  • href="" target="_blank">Comic:
    Geeked - "Racial Intolerance"
  • href="" target="_blank">Ultima
    Online: Kingdom Reborn Preview
  • href="" target="_blank">The
    Comic Book Guy: Comic Industry Talent in Gaming
  • href="" target="_blank">Dofus:
    A Preview to the Search for Power
  • href="" target="_blank">Exclusive
    WAR Call to Arms Interview - The Slayer, Choppa and Land of the Dead
  • href="" target="_blank">WoW
    Comic: Goob & Begud - "The Latest Craze"


WoW Guides: Selecting Talents:

  • href=""
    target="_blank">Death Knight
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href="" target="_blank">Ten
    Ton Hammers' Secrets to Ultimate Pwnage - the Swordmaster and the
  • href="" target="_blank">WAR:
    Updated Dwarven Leveling Guide: Chap. 7-9

Live - Weekly Vooncast

Our Loading... Live Vooncast schedule is finally in place for the rest
of January and February, and we have a few nice surprises waiting for
your live listening and participating pleasure:

  • style="font-weight: bold;">Loading... Live #5 -
    Warhammer Online - style="font-style: italic;">Thursday, January 29th,
    2009 at
    7 PM EST - A few mystery devs
    from Mythic Entertainment will be on-hand
    to discuss exciting new developments in Warhammer Online

  • style="font-weight: bold;">Loading... Live #6 - NYCC
    '09 Preview - style="font-style: italic;">Thursday, February 7th,
    2009 at
    7 PM EST - Ten Ton Hammer's
    Garrett Fuller tells us what we have to
    look forward to from a day of Ten Ton Hammer hosted panels with top
    developers at New York Comic Con '09 on February 7th

  • style="font-weight: bold;">Loading... Live #7 - Best
    NYCC '09 - style="font-style: italic;">Tuesday, February 12th,
    2009 at
    7 PM EST - Garrett Fuller is
    back to talk about the highlights and
    lowlights of our day of panels at New York Comic Con on Feb. 7th!

  • style="font-weight: bold;">Loading... Live #8 -
    in Star Wars: The Old Republic
    - Tuesday,
    February 19th, 2009 at 7 PM EST

    - Bioware devs stop by to take
    questions and share the latest on combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic!

  • style="font-weight: bold;">Loading... Live #9 -
    Champions Online -
    February 26th, 2009 at 7 PM EST

    - A few devs from Cryptic
    Studios will be on-hand to share the latest on Champions Online!

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Tabula Rasa Game Page.

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