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week marks not just one, but two epic milestones for Ten Ton
Hammer. First up, the 1,000th edition of daily column
Loading… ran, proclaiming, “ href="" target="_blank">Holy
Hell We Hit 1,000!”
For anyone wondering, that’s a giant truck-load of AA points!
Do you have any favorite Loading… moments you’d
like to share? If so, be sure to drop by our href=""
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Speaking of the Ten Ton Hammer forums, this week we also gained our
50,000th registered member! As any of our members will surely tell you,
the TTH community is one of the best on the ‘net. If
you’ve been on the fence about signing up, I thoroughly
encourage you to do so and see what all the fuss is about!

Along the way, be sure to check out the best exclusive MMOG content
found right here at Ten Ton Hammer. Below you’ll find links
to the interviews, reviews, editorials, guides and more for the week
ending 1.23.09!


Elder Scrolls Online: The Next Great Fantasy MMO?

- There are few intellectual properties left in the world quite as
appropriate for creation into a massively multiplayer online game as
the Elder Scrolls series. When ZeniMax Online Studios was announced
back in 2007, there were a number of press outlets that began guessing
about the future of the studio and which IP the studio would be
pursuing. Now with a Fallout MMO being firmly talked about by
Interplay, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye turns his eye towards an
Elder Scrolls-based MMO and what such a game would look like.

Read the full editorial href="" target="_blank">here,
and then discuss it in our href=""

Rasa: A Chronicle of the Rise and Fall

- The love and hate of current and former Tabula Rasa players could
write an entire book about its rollercoaster ride from fame to finish.
While it might be easier to diagnose what killed this science fiction
MMO game, we have decided to go a different route. Our tribute to
Tabula Rasa highlights every important event and milestone from the few
months before launch to the announcement of its last days. Take a look
inside for the complete history of Tabula Rasa.

Read the full article href="" target="_blank">here,
and then discuss it in our href="">forums!

Aion Flight and Archetype Interview

- Over the past few years, the Ten Ton Hammer team has been eagerly
scooping up every piece of href=""
target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">Aion: The Tower of
development news that we could get our hands on. There hasn’t
been much officially released for the US public, but we’ve
done our best to give you the scoop on this epic game. But since the
grand public unveiling of style="font-style: italic;">Aion
to North American audiences at 2008’s Penny Arcade Expo, the
US developers for NCsoft’s upcoming high fantasy MMO have
gone relatively quiet. Thankfully, the Ten Ton Hammer staff was able to
nab a few answers to some nagging style="font-style: italic;">Aion
questions, and if you’re eagerly awaiting this beautiful MMO,
make sure you check out this interview!

Read the full interview href="" target="_blank">here,
and then discuss it in our href=""

  • href="" target="_blank">Comic:
    Geeked - "The Good Ol' Days"
  • href="" target="_blank">Top
    Ten Free-to-Play Games - FusionFall Poised to Clean Up
  • href=""
    target="_blank">WoW: Polar Madness Giveaway
  • href=""
    target="_blank">Atlantica Online: Exclusive
    Screenshots Added
  • href="" target="_blank">MMOs,
    the Final Frontier: The Rise of the Sci-Fi Shooter
  • href="" target="_blank">The
    Comic Book Guy: Storytelling in The Agency and Dealing with Superspies
  • href="" target="_blank">Eudemons
    Online Preview
  • href="" target="_blank">FusionFall
    Review for Families at Ten Ton Hamster
  • href="" target="_blank">Lunia:
    Full Game Review
  • href="" target="_blank">Comic:
    Geeked - "A Sad Day"
  • href="" target="_blank">Ten
    Ton Hammer's FusionFall Review
  • href="" target="_blank">Empire
    of Sports Review
  • href="" target="_blank">Forever
    Fantasy: Replaying the Older Games
  • href="" target="_blank">AoC
    Server Merges: Is the Sky Falling Yet?
  • href="" target="_blank">WoW
    Comic: Goob & Begud - "Out of the Bag"
  • href="" target="_blank">In
    the Trenches: The Draw of the World of Warcraft Arena
  • href="" target="_blank">Loading...
    Live Episode 3 - In the Year 2009...


  • href="" target="_blank">WoW:
    Gearing Up the Death
  • href="" target="_blank">WoW:
    Gearing Up the Druid
  • href="" target="_blank">WoW:
    Gearing Up the Hunter
  • href="" target="_blank">WoW:
    Gearing Up the Mage
  • href=""
    target="_blank">WoW: Gearing Up the Paladin
  • href=""
    target="_blank">WoW: Gearing Up the Priest
  • href=""
    target="_blank">WoW: Gearing Up the Rogue
  • href=""
    target="_blank">WoW: Gearing Up the Shaman
  • href=""
    target="_blank">WoW: Gearing Up the Warlock
  • href=""
    target="_blank">WoW: Gearing Up the Warrior
  • href="" target="_blank">WAR:
    Dwarven Leveling Guide: Chapter 7-8
  • href="" target="_blank">AoC:
    Gemcrafting - Tier 4

Ton Turnip

What do you get when you combine the hordes of Apple fans and mix them
with a solid dose of MMO addiction? That's what our href="" target="_blank">fifth
issue of the Ten Ton Turnip explores
as we continue to give you the most outlandish stories in the entire
video gaming industry. Along with our obsession with Apple, we also
have a trio of stories from Coyote, each of them exploring an area of
gaming more controversial than the next: addiction, boobs, and hobos.
Do we have your interest yet? Don't hesitate, go and check out our
latest issue of the href="" target="_blank">Ten
Ton Turnip!

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Tabula Rasa Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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