Last week, the elite forces of the Ten Ton Event Squad stormed the
sunny beaches of the New York Comic-Con ’09. Between
developer interviews from the show floor to a full Saturday of panel
discussions with some of the top names in MMOs, they pulled together
the best video footage from the show for your viewing pleasure. In the
immortal words of href=""
target="_blank">Wesley Willis,
the TTH team really whooped the llama’s ass at the NY
Comic-Con this year!

Be sure to check out our extensive list of href=""
target="_blank">exclusive event coverage,
including some great interviews with href="" target="_blank">SOE’s
Wes Yanagi on href=""
target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">DC Universe,
href="" target="_blank">Bill
Roper from Cryptic Studios on href=""
target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">Champions Online
and href="">NetDevil’s
Scott Brown on href=""
target="_blank">Jumpgate Evolution.

Still want more? Below you’ll find links to the best in
exclusive MMO coverage right here at Ten Ton Hammer for the week of
February 13th, 2009!

Comic-Con Event Coverage

  • href="" target="_blank">WAR
    at NYCC '09 Video: The Choppa with Adam Gershowitz
  • href="" target="_blank">STO
    Video from NYCC '09: Craig Zinkievich on Races, Exploration and More
  • href=""
    target="_blank">Comic Con 2009: Images from Day One
  • href="" target="_blank">WAR
    at NYCC '09 Video: First Glimpse of the Slayer
  • href="" target="_blank">Playable
    Races of Star Trek Online
  • href="" target="_blank">DC
    Universe Video with Wes Yanagi: Lex Luther vs. Doomsday
  • href="" target="_blank">NYCC
    '09 Champions Online Video Q&A with Bill Roper
  • href="" target="_blank">NYCC
    '09 Jumpgate Evolution Update Video with Scott Brown
  • href="" target="_blank">NYCC
    '09 WAR Panel Video with Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett
  • href="" target="_blank">NYCC
    '09 FusionFall Panel - Launch and FF's Future
  • href="" target="_blank">Global
    Agenda Gameplay Teaser Video

More Exclusives

  • href="" target="_blank">Geeked
    - "Original"
  • href="" target="_blank">Top
    Ten Free-to-Play Games: Clicks for Kicks
  • href=""
    target="_blank">Why Not YNK? Giveaway
    (contest ends on the 15th, so be sure to enter soon!)
  • href="" target="_blank">MMOs,
    the Final Frontier: Star Wars Combat in The Old Republic
  • href="" target="_blank">WoW
    Weekly Newsletter - The Overpull
  • href="" target="_blank">Geeked
    - "Old Habits"
  • href="" target="_blank">The
    Comic Book Guy: Would Heroes Work as an MMO Game?
  • href="" target="_blank">Forever
    Fantasy: Limitless Races in Star Trek Online
  • href=""
    target="_blank">Tales Runner Dress For Success Prize
  • href="" target="_blank">In
    the Trenches: How Socialization in EVE Online Killed BoB
  • href="" target="_blank">WoW
    Comic: Goob & Begud - "The Burrito Stuffed Man"
  • href="" target="_blank">Goodbye
    Fantasy, Hello Sci-Fi! Thinking Outside the Box with EVE Online


  • href="" target="_blank">Ten
    Ton Hammer's Guide to Surviving WAR: Night of Murder!
  • href="" target="_blank">EQ2:
    Rodcet Nife Deity Quest Guide

WoW Guides: Soloing 1-40:

  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""
  • href=""

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