June's Star WAR Guild

With Warhammer Online:Age of Reckoning around the corner, the battle
lines are forming up and the guilds are pulling it together. There are
Destruction guilds, Order guilds, Elven guilds, even guilds with naked
Orcs (setsy greenskins wot wunt ta smash stunties need only apply)!
With so many guilds forming up and more on the way, how do you know who
to go with? Who you'll have more fun with? That's what we're here for.
Every month, Ten Ton Hammer brings you an interview with a new guild so
they can strut their stuff and you can get a detailed look at them and
decide whether or not they're right for your playstyle! This month the
Guild of the Month is Mongbat!

style="font-style: italic;">The members of Mongbat aren't
all hardcore gamers, but we wouldn't be considered casual either. With
the majority of our leadership coming from a background in Dark Age of
Camelot we are very excited about RvR and intend to emphasize on its
PvP aspect more than anything. We are also a worldwide guild, having
members from the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and other
countries around the globe.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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