Another Warhammer Guild
in the Spotlight

As Warhammer Online fast approaches (we hope), it will take more than
just a single hero to face the challenges that lie ahead. More and more
people are looking to get together and conquer the tasks of Destruction
or Order. Whether you're into hardcore endgame play or just casual
questing, what better way to face them than with a guild full of people
who share your idea of what makes a game fun? This month, Ten Ton
Hammer's Warhammer Online Guild of the Month is HousE ForesakeN!

HousE ForsakeN is made for people that consider
themselves guild lifers
with a common interest in video games. Members are encouraged to seek a
staff position if they have the time and the aspirations to help lead
the guild, but overall, rank just shows job responsibilities, not
superiority to another. You also don't have to be on staff to mean
something in HF. Even our recent applicants have quickly realized that
the membership care for who they are individually.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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