Next they'll have their
statues next to Antonia Bayle's!

On December 20, 2007, two of the Ten Ton Hammer staff members were
immortalized in the world of massively multiplayer gaming. As long time
members of the global EverQuest II community, the caricatures of Tony
"RadarX" Jones and Dan "Coyote Sharptongue" Irving were introduced into
the latest expansion of Legends of Norrath as playable cards in the
online trading card game. Although Tony now works as Ten Ton Hammer's href="">Tabula Rasa
Community Manager, he was previously employed as the network's href="">EverQuest II
CM, and Dan "Coyote" Irving continues to serve as the outlet for all of
the network's adult-slanted humor in his daily blog " href="">Not
Funny....Ever" (not safe for work).

As part of the Forsworn set of cards, RadarX and
Coyote were some of
the first volunteers to be selected by the SOE development team to
receive this "thank you" gift in return for their years of hard work
and diligence. Their facsimiles now adorn to actual in-game cards that
can be pulled from any pack of the Forsworn set. To commemorate this
exceptional occasion, the Ten Ton Hammer editorial staff took some time
to interview Tony "RadarX" Jones and learn how an online leader for an
MMOG community becomes a trading card. We've displayed all of the
cards, so make sure you check 'em out!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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