This is it folks. Although the outrageousness will be missed by a great
many, the target="_blank">Ten Ton Turnip
staff has decided to send the giant root-monster to the compost heap,
but not before its had its last piece of the MMO industry! In this -
the final issue of the triple "T" - the Turnip writers take on
Microsoft, Ivy League schools, and company lay-offs. If you missed our
other five issues of the Ten Ton Turnip, you can read through them by href="" target="_blank">clicking
here. Otherwise, go on and send your well wishes to our giant
vegetable friend!

asked what sparked the scraping of all current projects, we were
shown a copy of the box art for the newest incarnation of Windows.
"We're using the Roman Numeral "X" for ten. Think about how badass
that'll look." The Microsoft official smiled as he proudly displayed
the container. "RacerX, MalcomX, X-Files, X-Men, the X-Factor,
Generation X - it's a no-brainer. People like things that have an "X"
in them. It looks cooler. Hipper. And if we at Microsoft know anything,
it's how to be cool and hip."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016