Danger! Espionage! And
Part Two of our Agency Interview!

Ten Ton Hammer concludes it's interview with SOE's The Agency Senior
World Designer Kevin O'Hara discussing various design concepts and
methods. How are they adding replayability to the game and
will you be able to scale buildings or fly in Minicopters? 
Kevin explains his philosophy on story telling, how developers are
creating content, and what we can expect to see down the road from this
espionage themed MMO game.  

Ten Ton
: So is building replayability like that into levels

Kevin O'Hara:
I think, because we're thinking about replayability with
every mission/map we make, it's just ingrained in us now. We're going
make the big segue map and them make the extra rooms and tunnels to
block off so players can come back later and play a different mission.
So instead of kill the chief guy, you are going to collect intel on a
different map.

One of the designers liken it to where you have a huge racing track and
they section off the parts they don't want you to go into yet. That's
not going to be all our maps, but it's just some of the concepts we're
using for replayable spaces.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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