Sony Online Entertainment's The Agency is shaping up to be a unique FPS spy themed MMO game like nothing else we've seen. Sleek, sexy, and full of random gun fire, it's no wonder fans are so interested in. JonnyG from the The Agency HQ grabbed up questions for Hal Milton, Lorien Gremore, Steve Kramer, Chad Haley, and Corey Dangel not to mention got a look at some game footage.

JonnyG: Last question on progression / character skills. One of the things to do in other games once you’ve hit the level cap is to level an alt. With the “you are what you wear” concept reducing the need for that, what do you see players doing once they hit the max cap?

Hal: You do have one primary motivator for an alt, and that is you’re either part of UNITE, even if you’ve created your own joint agency, or you’re part of ParaGON. Choosing a faction is not just about looking cool, it also means a suite of operatives that will be available to you, potentially weapon sets, skills sets, and mission content. So that’s one of the reasons that people will want to actually build alts.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016