Basics of Chronicles of
Spellborn Combat Revealed

Another addition to The Chronicles of Spellborn Dev Journals has
arrived! This time around, the Spellborn developers are taking a look
at combat and really getting down to the beginning basics of combat
within the TCoS world. Being your source for quality MMOG content, Ten
Ton Hammer has posted the entire article for your viewing pleasure.

There's nearly an unlimited amount of possibilities
to arrange your
skilldeck. There is no 'best' arrangement, however, there is a 'worst'
arrangement. This will be discussed later in the combo section. The
arrangement of your skilldeck is not something you'll have sorted in 1
minute, especially at high level. It's a process of finding what works
best for your own style. I'll try to explain some basic strategies in
building your deck. For these strategies I'll assume that all tiers and
slots are available.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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