Blame it on mob mentality

Every so often the developers behind the upcoming fantasy MMOG The
Chronicles of Spellborn take a moment to write out what they've been
working on and the type of gameplay we'll find in their game. The Ten
Ton Hammer staff was fortunate enough to attain their latest dev
journal, which focuses entirely on the complex mob behavior found in
Spellborn. It's a fascinating look at developer theory, so please enjoy
the article!

However, we prefer to remedy the cause, rather than
the effect, so
players will always be able to do something. Slow downs are still
present, but no complete root effects. Players might get disarmed but
then there's always magic and the other way around. Another popular
mechanic is 'fear', our equivalent are the numerous 'teleporting' type
skills, which displace a target across a short distance, effectively
disrupting aim.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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