EVE Interview 2: The EVE Continues

The following article is the conclusion to our interview with Nathan Richardsson, the executive producer of EVE Online, that was conducted at the Austin Game Developers Conference. In yesterday's interview, we talked with Nathan about Trinity 2, parts of Revelations 3, and a bit about the concept of Empire building. You can read the entirety of that interview by clicking here. Once you've finished up there, come on back and read the rest of the interview that we've posted for you. In today's conclusion, Nathan and I discuss testing the 20 new ships that they're building for Revelations 3, the upcoming democratic council that CCP|White Wolf is putting together, and we even touch on the World of Darkness MMOG. Continue reading to find out more!

Other than factional warfare, players on the EVE Online forums seem most interested in the twenty new ships that are coming down the pipeline. When creating those new ships, I asked Nathan what sort of testing and balancing went into implementing those new vessels and how much time that actually took. "It starts with internal design, simply looking at the roles we'd like the ships to fill and what the players are looking for," Nathan began. "We take those thoughts into consideration when we're building the classes that we're looking at. After that we take the ships into small focus groups where we have a select number of people who are highly talented in certain areas of the game, and we let them test out the ship."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016