Also like cowboys, it enjoys a good ranching song.

Like cowboys, truly exciting open-world PvP seems to have ridden off into the sunset. In his third edition of "The Cutting Edge," Garrett Fuller explores what exactly happened to PvP and some possible ways to improve PvP in upcoming games. Some of the older methods in Dark Age of Camelot are explored although Garrett also turns his thoughts to newer tactics as well. Enjoy!

When it comes to fighting you truly have to think of what old world combat in a fantasy game and futuristic tactics in a space game would truly be like. Look at fighting styles and tactics that players enjoy and use the most and work with them once the game is released. The gank-group tactics in Dark Age of Camelot were very popular and worked great for players. There were open battlefields that everyone could fight in along with castles to defend. When DAoC upgraded to the more expansive Frontiers expansion, they added too many castle battles into the mix. This led to more stagnant battles and took away the open field fighting for the melee classes.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016