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There are many fellowship based quest chains throughout Middle-earth, but in Evendim there is one chain that is completely soloable and makes for an interesting adventure.

This chain is based around a series of quest calling for a bounty hunter. You can begin this series in Ost Forod, but you can expect the adventure to carry you all around the eastern half of Evendim.

There is no set order in which to do this series, so you can go at whichever you want in whatever order you want first. The one acception is the very last and you will see why when we get to that. The best bet is to grab all four of the bounty quest from the posters around town and speak with the person that poster refers to for the bounty. Once you have done that, you will be ready to assume your role as a bounty hunter.

Bounty: Harry Hinchcliffe, Dead-eye
Quest Level:

We'll begin our little journey with the bounty of Harry Hinchcliffe. You can find his wanted poster in Ost Forod at Loc: 8.20s, 64.50w. The wanted poster reads...

The poster advertises a bounty on a man named Harry Hinchcliffe, described as 'a tomb-robber possessed of uncanny accuracy with his bow,' and invites interested parties to seek out Ballard Wilmer in Ost Forod for details and to apply for the commission.

You will need to speak with Ballard Wilmer to inquire further about this bounty. He is located at loc: 8.00s, 64.20w. Once you speak with Ballard, and accept the bounty commission, you are off to claim the bounty. Harry Hinchcliffe can be located in the northern section of Evendim known as Tyrn Fornech. He patrols a small road just south of the gate of Forochel at Cirith Rhîw around loc: 3.15s, 63.8w. He can be found patrolling the road south of the gate. The fight is not to hard and easily a solo battle. Once you have dispatched Harry Hinchcliffe return to Ballard Wilmer in Ost Forod to collect your bounty.

Reward: 19s 60c

Hinchcliffe's Doom Harry Hinchcliffe

Bounty: Andy Idden, Goblin-friend
Quest Level:

This is possibly the toughest of the initial four bouty contracts you will face. The wanted poster for Andy Idden is located at loc: 7.50s, 64.50w in Ost Forod. The wanted poster reads...

The poster advertises a bounty on a man named Andy Idden, accusing him of dealing with goblins and conspiring to murder decent folk in Ost Forod. It invites interested parties to seek out Poppy Seaton in Ost Forod for details and to apply for the commission.

Once you have read the poster, speak with Poppy Seaton in Ost Forod at loc: 7.20s, 64.40w. Once you have accepted the bounty contract, it's time to seek out Andy Idden. The hardest part about facing Andy Idden is the potential for multiple enemies at once. You will have to contend with Andy Idden and his pet wolf regardless, and you may have an extra goblin or two if you aren't careful. This may be the one part you need some help with. Andy Idden can be found in the hill-top Tham Andalath ruins east of Canadiach in Parth Aduial at loc 9.80s, 63.0w. He is inside a bit by a campfire. Once you have taken down Andy Idden, return to Poppy Seaton to collect your bounty.

Reward: 19s 60c

Idden's End Andy Idden

Bounty: Bill Tripper, Master of Blades
Quest Level:

The last of the four bounty posters is for that of Bill Tripper. His poster can be found in Ost Forod at loc: 7.80s, 64.50w. The poster reads...

The poster advertises a bounty on a man named Bill Tripper, described as a 'notorious tomb-robber, highly-skilled with blades,' and invites interested parties to seek out Clark Standish in Ost Forod for details and to apply for the commission.

Speak with Clark Standish in Ost Forod at loc: 8.0s, 64.60w to accept to bounty commission. Bill Tripper, can be found wandering the ruins of Tham Varan, in the southern part of Parth Aduial at loc: 12.1s 63.9w. He is a pretty simple fight and the only thing between you and a showdown with Bill Tripper is a few Tomb Robbers. Clear the area around the walkway that Bill Tripper follows and then engage him in combat. With all the possible adds dead, Bill Tripper is a pushover for an equal leveled challenger. Once you have defeated him, return to Clark Standish, in Ost Forod, and collect your bounty.

Reward: 19s 60c

Tripper's Fal Bill Tripper


Bounty: Thauk, Vile Warg
Quest Level:

The wanted poster for Thauk the Vile Warg can be found at loc: 8.20s, 64.20w in Ost Forod. The wanted poster reads...

The poster advertises a bounty on a vicious Warg named Thauk, described as a 'bloodthirsty creature known to be in league with the goblins that stalk Tyrn Fornech,' and invites interested parties to seek out Rowena Parker in Ost Forod for details and to apply for the commission.

Once you have inspected the wanted poster speak with Rowena Parker at loc: 7.30s, 64.30w in Ost Forod. Once you have collected the bounty commission from Rowena, start your trek north to Tyrn Fornech. Thauk the Vile Warg, can be found patrolling a circular path around the fire at the center of the goblin camp at loc: 4.30s, 65.20w. The battle is pretty easy and the only real challenge you will face is possible added aggro from the surrounding goblins. The best approach is to clear an area on the southern hill and pull Thauk there when he walks by. Once you have defeated him return to Rowena Parker for your reward.

Reward: 20s 30c

Thauk's Bane Thauk

The Bounty-hunter
Quest Level: 37

Now that you have taken out the towns garbage so to speak, there is just one more order of business to deal with. It seems you have been such a skilled bounty hunter that some of the local brigands, are a bit upset with you. So much so, that they have now placed a bounty on your head. Speak with Basil Gummidge, and read the poster to his right. Basil Gummidge is in Ost Forod at loc: 7.51s, 64.39w.

Bestowel Text from Basil Gummidge:

'There's been a troubling development, (your name), and it's best that you hear it from me before seeing it for yourself. You've done a lot of good for this town by claiming the bounties on some of the villains hereabouts, and it wouldn't be right for me to let you walk into trouble without warning.

'Someone's been putting up posters. I've been taking them down wherever I come across them, but I kept one up on the wall over there so you could have a look. Go read it and take it down, and then we can have a talk about what can be done.

'The poster is just over there on the wall, by the stairs.'


Upon reading the poster you learn that Cuthbert Sprunt has placed the bounty on your head, and challenged you to meet him at the sparring circle if you feel it is unjust. Once you are prepared to face Cuthbert Sprunt, speak with Basil Gummidge again. You will enter a solo instance known as the Sparring Circle. Upon entering, you will find Basil Gummidge awaiting you. When you are prepared for battle, speak with him again.

After you speak with Basil this time, Cuthbert Sprunt, will make his way into the sparring circle. There won't be much of a warning before the one on one sparring session begins with Cuthbert Sprunt trying to land a cheap shot. Basil, is here to make sure this is a fair fight, and that Cuthbert Sprunt does not try anything underhanded. It won't be long before you will find ot that Cuthbert Sprunt indeed had planned on this not being a fair fight. Once you have beaten him up a little, he will call for aid from his allies in hiding. He will be joined by three others. Two level 32 brigands, and the hardest of the new help, Thomas Idden, a level 35. Basil, will join in to aid you in this treachery. Since this is a solo instance, you and Basil are on your own. The best way to win this is to focus your attacks on one at a time and get them down quickly. Once you have beaten them down to around 20% or so they will fall to the ground to rest. Switch to your next target, and continue beating them down, until all four have been defeated. This will go a lot faster if you and Basil are attacking the same person.

Once you have defeated all four of these brigands, speak with Basil Gummidge to exit the instance, and complete "The Bounty hunter." Speak with him again in Ost Forod to collect your reward and bragging rights as the ultimate bounty hunter.

Reward: 20s 30c

Panthavron's Pendant Cuthbert Sprunt

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