Guild Wars 2 Personal Story and Progression Interview

Last week Ten Ton Hammer brought you an exclusive interview on some of the more combat-focused aspects of Guild Wars 2, such as weapon sets, skills and the traits system. And while saying that we’re impressed with what we’ve seen of combat so far in the game demo would be a gross understatement, that’s only one aspect of the much larger gameplay package that Guild Wars 2 has to offer. The story of Tyria and of your character’s place in the world are of equal importance, so we set out to discover all we could about personal story and progression in the game as well.

Just how deeply does the personal story rabbit hole go in Guild Wars 2? How will the Hall of Monuments bridge between the two games, and how soon can we expect to learn the details on the specific rewards Guild Wars players can unlock for their characters in Guild Wars 2? All this and much more awaits in the second installment of Ten Ton Hammer’s exclusive interview with Game Designer Izzy Cartwright.

Ten Ton Hammer: Each of the original Guild Wars campaigns and the expansion had that overarching mission chain that would help guide you on an epic journey across the different continents. In Guild Wars 2 we’ll have the main focus of the Elder Dragons and how they’ve quite literally changed the landscape of Tyria, but will there be something similar to that epic mission chain that leads to a massive confrontation of some sort?

Izzy: We have a couple of different things. We have your personal story that definitely guides you through the storyline. And then there’s a second thing which is the dungeons. The dungeons interact with your story, and every one of them has a “story mode” of that dungeon which is almost like a mission. It’s got an embedded part of the story, and those do help guide you through the overarching story, so we do have some of that in Guild Wars 2.

But your story itself almost takes on more of that role, like a handcrafted way of taking you through the whole story of the game. The dungeons are the part where you work with other players kind of like how a mission worked in Guild Wars 1.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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