The latest update at the official site for upcoming Guild Wars 2 offers plenty of fresh insights into how story will play a leading role in the game. In this first of a two part look at the impact of story in Guild Wars 2, Ten Ton Hammer dives right into the latest details on how ArenaNet intends to give players plenty of tools to weave a highly individual storyline within the overarching tale of the Elder Dragons.

One of the more compelling extensions of this system is that characters will be given a “home instance” which not only reflects the decisions you’ve made about your character’s background, but will also dynamically change over time. ArenaNet has implemented highly effective versions of a similar design concept previously of course: Nightfall’s Sunspear Command Post and Eye of the North’s Hall of Monuments instantly spring to mind here. Only this time around, rather than a static list of trophies and NPCs for players to collect, these home instances will be a much more personal overall experience.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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