The latest major game update for Guild Wars 2 – The Queen’s Speech - kicks off tomorrow, just in time for the free trial this weekend.

The breakneck pace of game updates for Guild Wars 2 continues this week, hot on the tails of the announcement that GW2 is the fastest selling MMO of all time. The new update, The Queen’s Speech, is another one that bundles a mix of new story elements and other game improvements and tweaks.

As has become the norm for these updates, the main celebration for The Queen’s Speech takes place in Lion’s Arch, but according to the official site is also rumored to contain a major surprise. Along with the obvious virtual defacing and graffiti proclaiming Scarlet was Here on the official site, we also received another mystery package in the mail this weekend including a kickass pocket watch and the following cryptic poem:

Tick tock goes the clock
It’s almost time for time to stop
Something you all must understand
Your world is built on fog and sand

You’re out of time, your jig is done
It’s time for Scarlet to have her fun
She has some hard lessons to teach
To the people of Divinity’s Reach

So mark the date in permanent ink
The hour is later than you think
On the twentieth day she’ll start her games
And warm her hands over Kryta’s flames!

I won’t lie; the celebration of Queen Jennah’s rule is cool and all, but I’m itching to see what Scarlet has in store when the update goes live. If you’re looking to gain some additional insights to the update, be sure to tune into the official GW2 Twitch channel on Tuesday, August 20 at 12PM PDT. These have proven to be incredibly popular streams, with the last one I attended nearly hitting the 3 million viewer mark which isn’t too shabby considering it’s not exactly an optimal time for most folks with day jobs.

Another interesting game update noted in the official update page for The Queen’s Speech is that “culling” will be turned off, removing the limit on the number of characters you can see on-screen at once. While this will make Lion’s Arch feel a bit less stumpy with people fading in and out of existence as you scamper around, it will be interesting to see how this impacts performance during peak times. Full city zones in less graphically-intensive games have been known to utterly cripple frame rates, but then again I’ve yet to really experience any major performance hits elsewhere in GW2 so far.

Speaking of scampering…

Be sure to set your internet dials to our official Guild Wars 2 fan site - – tomorrow for our extensive coverage of The Queen’s Speech update. Scarlet will thank you if you do… or at least won’t burn your house down!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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