Sigh. I'd better go buy some Vivendi stock...

Curious where Blizzard is heading and what they're planning next? You and everyone else! Get some hints and also some general info about what the company is up to at Gamasutra's feature article, " The State Of Blizzard's Union: Pearce, Sigaty Talk Warcraft, Starcraft, And Beyond."

In fact, that product is so dominant that at times, it threatens to overwhelm the rest of the company's work, which includes seminal titles in the RTS and other franchises. Blizzard can also be publicity shy at times - which is why Gamasutra was fortunate to catch up with Senior Vice President Frank Pearce, one of the three founders of the original Blizzard (then called Silicon & Synapse) in 1991.

Grab the whole five-page article over at Gamasutra.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016