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Tier 4 (Artisan Cook)
Name Recipe
Apple Pie Filling
+2 Shire Apple
+1 Cinnamon
+1 Honey
Hobbiton Omelet
+1 Chicken Egg
x1 Green Onions
+1 Uncooked Bacon
+1 Sharp Cheese
Marinated Chicken Cutlets
+1 Vegetable Oil
+1 Bag of Salt
+1 Fine Seasonings
+1 Uncooked Chicken
Pot of Smooth Honey and Oats
+5 Fine Clover Honey
+5 Oats
+1 Clay Pot
Prepared Green Hill Hops
+1 Water
+4 Green Hill Hops
Roast of Heroes
+1 Savory Seasonings
+1 Giant Boar-flank
Roasted Chicken
+1 Bag of Salt
x1 Fine Seasonings
+1 Uncooked Chicken
Salted Beef Delights
+1 Cut of Beef
+2 Bag of Salt
+1 Fine Seasonings
Shire Rations
+1 Roasted Chicken
+1 Sharp Cheese
+1 Spiced Apple Pie
Spiced Apple Pie
+1 Pie Crust
+1 Apple Pie Filling
Stew of Kings
+1 Water
+1 Tater
+1 Marinated Beef
+1 Marinated Chicken Cutlets
Strawberry Stout
+2 Strawberries
x1 Winter Barley Mash
+1 Prepared Green Hill Hops
+1 Lager Yeast
Winter Barley Mash
+4 Winter Barley
x1 Water
Winterberry Ale
+2 Raspberries
+1 Winter Barley Mash
+1 Prepared Green Hill Hops
+1 Ale Yeast

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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