A game that allows you to create your own games.

Three Rings, the company responsible for bringing you Puzzle Pirates has launched their latest creation, Whirled. While at first glance this seems to be a simple collection of games - some player made, some Three Rings made - in reality it's a novice game maker's wet dream. It's an environment set up where you can make your own games, using open source code provided by the company, gain valuable "industry experience" and even sell your game for cash - all without those pesky interviews.

"Three Rings is taking a 'ridiculously open' approach to Whirled by publishing metrics, transparent business terms and a large part of the code-base as open-source," says Three Rings CTO and co-founder Michael Bayne.

"To kick-start creativity, Three Rings offers the source code and assets for all Three Rings' original games and other content as examples for developers to explore and modify to their own nefarious ends."

Whirled's library so far provides over 12 complete, multiplayer example games, including Corpse Craft and Brawler Whirled.

Creators can sell their games and virtual goods to users for two different type of virtual currency, Coins and Bars. Gamers earn coins by playing Whirled games, while Bars are purchased using credit cards, PayPal, SMS, Target pre-paid cards and other payment methods.

When selling their wares, creators accumulate a third currency, Bling, which can be cashed out for real-world money. "Not only can you make money selling virtual goods, but also Whirled offers a lifetime revenue share on new players referred to the game -- you can simply embed a game or Whirled room into your blog or website, or tell a friend, and we'll take care of the rest," adds Three Rings CEO Daniel James.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016