If you haven't tried the newest free-to-play server that SOE has introduced for EverQuest II then you are missing out! EQ2 Extended offers a whole new way to experience the popular world of Norrath and judging by the holiday weekend traffic in the newbie areas, it has become the place to be.

Still not sure if EQ2X is for you? Read up on the top reasons why everyone should give at least give the F2P server a try.

Casual Friendly - Unfortunately for most of us, we can't play games as much as we'd like to. The little bit of time we do get to play needs to be quality time and EQ2X offers that. If you played EQ2 in the past and found quests to be too confusing, leveling to be too slow, and the UI to be too complicated then you are definitely in for a treat! Many changes have been made recently to get new players in quickly and allow gaming time to be spent more effectively. With a streaming client, simplified UI, and quest helpers you will spend less of your gaming time fiddling with mechanics and more time getting things done.

Find out why gamers are flocking to EQ2X in our Top Reasons to Try the Extended Server, then come join us for a little no commitment fun in Norrath.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016