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TenTonHammer Premium Membership

For less than 6 cents per day ($19.95 per year) you can be a
TenTonHammer.com Premium Member!

Membership includes;

  • A Custom Forum Title
    • Stand out in the greatest MMO gaming community on the Internet.
  • Premium members only message forum.
  • Special premium contests
    • Trips to BlizzCON, PAX, etc. (Flights, hotel, tickets and spending money included)
  • Access to specialty TTH merchandise
    • Autographed TTH jerseys, game swag and more.
  • Access to high-speed patch and client downloads.
  • First access to beta keys and beta testing opportunities.
    • Premium members get first shot at beta testing the latest games.
  • Discounted access to TTH hosted events.
  • The great feeling that you are supporting a Gold Free network.

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What does Gold Free mean?

TenTonHammer.com is a “Gold Free” network.    That means that our company does not accept advertising, sponsorship or any other money from Gold Farmers, Real Money Transaction companies, Bot Makers or any of the other folks who make your gaming experience miserable.  

Being "Gold Free" means that we rely on revenue from other advertising channels and from members to survive. It is a much tougher road for a game network to take, but we did it because it was the right thing to do.    We love this industry as much as you do and we hate to see it ruined by third-party companies with no regard for the the games that we love to play or the people who play them.   

Our readers repeatedly asked how they could support TenTonHammer.com’s “Gold Free” stance. Now you have a means to show the Gold Farmers that a network without gold ads is not only possible it is incredible!

Our network delivers over 300 new MMOG articles a month, every single month. Even if you aren't interested in a fancy forum title, or the chance to win a trip to meet you favourite developers, we hope that you feel our network and the hard work of its staff is worth the $19.95 per year. We believe it is the best value in the MMOG industry.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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