If there's one part of Star Wars: The Old Republic - BioWare's upcoming Star Wars-based MMOG - that struck a nerve with fans, it's the art style. The gigantic lightsabers (or at least the appearance of gigantic lightsabers) caused an explosion on the SWTOR forums, and those forum members wanted answers for the "cartoony" style that they were seeing. Although much of the din has died down over the last few months, the eager MMO aficionados are still wanting to learn about the art style of the game, and now they've got their chance. BioWare has posted two new features on art on their official site!

The overarching goal of the art for Star Wars: The Old Republic is to bring concept art paintings to life in 3D. This goal has led the artists to forego the use of photographs for surface textures in favor of hand-painting every asset. The concept art also drove the game art to match its heroic and idealized proportions of the characters and environments. Part of remaining true to the classic big screen vision of Star Wars™ is not only to look like it, but also to ensure that the art feels like it on the small screen. There is a fine line to follow in being true to the realistic expectations that we inherit from the movies while making style choices that will play well on the computer screen. This distillation of the Star Wars vision through a painters eye and a fan’s heart forms the core of the visual direction of the game.

Check out the animation developer blog here, then head on over to the art style feature by clicking here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016