In the latest chapter of the Mytheon saga, UTV True Games has assumed control of Mytheon and has moved development of the game to its internal studio in Beijing. Controversy ensued last May when publisher True Games Interactive (now UTV) sued Mytheon developer Petroglyph for the game's source code.

"Moving the development of Mytheon to our internal studio is a very positive move for the game because we have total creative control over the title and we can tailor Mytheon's content to the preferences and needs of the community that has already grown around it," said Jeff Lujan, CEO of UTV True Games.

Now that UTV has assumed the role of developing the game, they have scheduled closed beta testing to resume later this month. Additionally, previous beta testers will be contacted via email with a chance to resume beta testing Mytheon as a loyalty reward. Additional details are available in the official press release.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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