Memo to Telon: Don't Lose
Your Stuff!

In case you were wondering about Vanguard's reimbursement policies and
other customer service issues, SOE has posted a reminder. Here's a

The Customer Service staff for Vanguard: Saga of
Heroes is unable to
assist with compromised accounts. Account security is the
responsibility of the account owner, and as a result we do not offer
reimbursement of lost items and coin. We diligently pursue those that
compromise others' accounts, however we are not able to reimburse the
customer that lost items.

According to our End User License Agreement, account sharing is also
prohibited. This is entirely for the account holder's protection, as
there have been numerous cases in many MMORPG’s where once
trusted friends and relatives have turned on each other.

Folks, you've been warned. Now go, venture into Telon...but be careful
out there.

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    service warnings
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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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