As gamers, many of us tend to
collect more than just piles of game
discs and boxes, especially for titles that we genuinely
enjoy. In the most recent blog post on the official ArenaNet
site, it sounds as though not only will there be some cool merchandise
available for href="">Guild
Wars 2
but players can even play an active role in
influencing future merchandise releases for the game:

If you're a fellow
gamer geek, it's probably pretty
likely that you’re also a fan of collecting awesome game
swag. I can relate: my desk looks like a cross between a toy store and
a comic shop, and I’m pretty sure that most
people’s desks around here have at least one (if not a dozen)
figures on them.

As passionate acquirers of cool stuff, we’re exploring
different options for Guild
Wars 2
merchandise, and we want
opinion to help us pick the coolest stuff to make. Do you want Guild
Wars 2
shirts? Figures?
Messenger bags? Mouse pads? Lawn mowers? (OK,
maybe not lawn mowers, but you get the idea.)

Your input will influence future Guild
Wars 2
merchandise releases, so
embrace your inner geek and make your voice heard! Take a minute to
share your thoughts with us by filling out our Guild Wars 2 merchandise
survey href=""
target="_blank">right here.
We’ll collect your feedback in a few weeks
and put it to good use.

Thanks in advance for your help! Survey on!

The survey itself is relatively
short, but is an incredibly cool way
for fans to get a say in exactly what kind of cool items will be made
available for the game. Might I also just add that in the
apparel category, I'm beyond elated to
see that there's an option to rate your interest in GW2
socks! How awesome is that?

Head on over to the official
ArenaNet blog to href=""
target="_blank">take the survey,
and then
be sure to share your thoughts or even some of your top picks in our
Guild Wars 2

of cool Guild Wars 2 merchandise, be sure to take a look at
the details for our href="">Guild
Wars 2 Post-A-Thon Contest for
your chance
win a Guild Wars 2 art book!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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