As you open your Tome of Knowledge today, you may notice the new guitar riff that pours out from the Live Event tab. Heavy Metal has begun, and a call to arms has gone out to every member of the realms. The two week long event requires a daily commitment from each Warhammer Online player that hopes to earn the great rewards the Tome of Knowledge promises. Ten Ton Hammer will be there every step of the way, updating this daily journal with the tasks as the Tome of Knowledge assigns them. Tune in each day to keep track of our quest to successfully complete the Heavy Metal Live Event.

Resolving to do my part and aid my Realm, I dive in to the first task my Tome has assigned me. I must journey to the recently opened Reikland Factory and help defend it from our enemies. Four strategic points have been identified inside, and my opponents must not be allowed to hold them. The Warehouse, Machine Shop, Steamtank Plant and Landing will never fall! I'm heartened to see I will not battle alone, as I am joined by many of my peers.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016