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Last week we asked the Warhammer Online enthusiasts among our Premium Members to submit their best questions for the WAR team. And, though it took a tag team of no less than five Warhammer Online developers to accomplish the task, we have some great answers for you! First, Paul Barnett and Josh Drescher take on questions about the Karl Franz encounter, the token system, more DAoC-ness, more siege weapons, and more in a 18 1/2 minute video that's as entertaining as it is informative, then we put your hardcore questions to WAR's team leads culminating in a four pages of quality written Q&A.

Mark Davis, Live Events Lead: "Overall, our PQs out in the world, we don't touch with live events. But since you asked, I can tell you something about what we're doing with Public Quests. Now that the population's settled up in tier four, we're learning that maybe those counters in stage one maybe weren't the best idea. 175, maybe not such a good idea. We're actually going through the game right now and lowering all those stage ones, all tiers, all pairings, across the board. We're thinking in the neighborhood of 30-50 on stage ones. Stage two, stage three stay the same."

It's all in our Warhammer Online Baltimore Games Day Premium Member Q&A!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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