Bunny genocide crafts the fiercest warriors.

Why do we have experience points? Do we need them? Why do we only get them at the end of performing activities and not during? These are just some of the questions that are discussed in this editorial over at WarCry, which examines the how and why of the XP in our games.

Why is it that the dominant method of character growth in almost every game in existence is through the killing of monsters and villains? Whether you are looking at the oldest of pen-and-paper games, your mainstream single-player RPG, or the newest MMO, character growth always seems to boil down to "I killed that goblin warlord so I get 100xp." On the other hand, if the same goblin was hacked and beaten to an inch of its life and then left alone to recover (which usually averages less than thirty seconds), the same player would get zero experience from the battle.

Read more at WarCry. What do you think about experience points? Are they a necessary and fun part of gameplay, or an antiquated and outdated method of progression? Join the discussion!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016